In your dreams

Do you ever think about your dreams? Are there dreams that you remember vividly? Have you ever had nightmares? Have you ever wondered what your dreams mean?

The study of dreams is an inter-disciplinary subject that has become widely debated today. Many researchers try to explain dreams through different perspectives, such as neuroscience, psychology, and sociology, among others. The most difficult aspect of analyzing dreams is probably the amount of individual differences and factors that could affect what, why, when, and how a person dreams. In addition, many beliefs about dreams are deeply rooted in various cultures. For instance, the Babylonians believed that good dreams are messages from gods and bad dreams are sent from demons; the Greeks believed that the god of sleep Hypnos and his son Morpheus are responsible for sleeping and dreaming. Going back in time, we can find many interpretations of dreams as well in terms of meaning, such as remembering past events and foreseeing the future.

Here are a few articles on dreams.
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Do you remember any of your dreams? Describe one of them. What happened in the dream? Who and what do you usually dream of? Are there recurring people or places? What do you think your dreams mean?


How long should students spend in high school?

President Obama visited a six-year high school recently. Many have expressed their opinion on the matter. Amanda Ripley, a journalist and an Emerson fellow, responded with the following:

It’s not about time; it’s about relevance.

Each year, nearly one in four American teenagers drops out of high school. Twenty other countries now have higher high-school graduation rates. This makes no sense. Of all the countries in the world, the United States is one of the worst places to be a high-school dropout. The unemployment rate for recent dropouts is 50 percent. Without a diploma, you can’t work as a garbage collector in New York City; you can’t join the Air Force.

So why do so many American kids still drop out of high school? One reason is that they don’t see the point. In one large survey of high school dropouts, about half cited uninteresting classes as a major reason for their decision. Four out of five said they wished they’d had more opportunity to do real-world learning in high school.


What do you think?

In the spirit of Halloween

Yes. It’s that time of year. To celebrate Halloween, a few of the ESL students at Buxton wrote their own ghost stories. Check them out below!

I was reading five classic ghost stories in class and I remember I heard a ghost story from my companion that’s about college.

Ningbo College definitely has a very negative aura. So the construction of the school is based on the Eight Diagrams. Students there all wear stuff for protection like talismans. Each floor has bathrooms on the southwest end of the Eight-diagram-shaped building. Men’s room has three stalls separated from one another by wood board walls. Students are only allowed to use the bathrooms on the first floor when they study by themselves at night.

One night, a boy got a sudden urge to go to the bathroom during his study.But all the stalls of the Men’s room on the first floor were occupied. For fear of losing it, he raced to the bathroom on the second floor. Opening the door, he saw a woman with long hair dressed in white. (I never get it why all ghosts dress this way.) She sat on the wall of the middle stall and seemed like she was dancing on the ceiling.

The woman gave him a glance and was like: “What are you doing here?” The boy first thought he went to the Lady’s Room and hurried out. But then he found he didn’t and suddenly realized what he witnessed. He was scared to death.

In the middle of the night, Jack drove his car on his way back home. The road was very dark and no one was on it. Jack drove the car slowly and thought about his warm house. When he turned a corner, he saw a woman who was dressed in a white suit standing on road side. Jack knew it was late at night, and letting a woman walk alone was very dangerous, so he decided to stop the car and he asked the woman, “where do you want to go? Maybe I can give you a ride.”

That woman was surprised that he would stop the car and invited her. She got in the car and told Jack she wanted to go back to her home, which was near the graveyard, just 20 minutes by car. When she sat in the car Jack felt cooler and he tried to play some music to relax the vibe. But the music from FM radio was Michael Jackson’s “thriller”. When he heard that he felt fearful and he used the rearview mirror to glance at that woman, she just sat there very quietly. Jack regretted about taking this woman, now he just hoped he can bring her home as fast as he can.

That 20 minutes road he felt like he drove 2 hours. Finally, he saw the road sign that the woman told him before. He stopped the car and told her that she’s arrived home. The woman really appreciated him and opened the door, then disappeared before Jack’s eyes, even she didn’t close the door Jack felt scary about that woman, maybe she is a ghost? Jack wanted to find out this question, so he got out of the car and walked around the car to try to find that woman, when he was standing on the ground, a hand held his ankle, he felt like frozen, then he heard a woman’s voice:” NEXT TIME PLEASE DO NOT STOP NEAR THE DRAINAGE DITCH.”

I want to talk about a story in school. Simon and Lina are the new students in school. They live in the school and they are in the same dormitory. When day became dark, the school was very silence. Moreover, everyone who was in school would go to their dormitory early. At night, Simon and Lina heard someone crying. This situation was kept some days. They are very confused with the crying. But they do not know who was crying at midnight. When they heard crying again at midnight, they asked the upper-classmates, they told them that a girl killed herself in the dormitory and she would cry every night. But, Simon doesn’t think it’s true. He thinks someone wants to scare them. He wanted to find where the crying comes from. Lina followed Simon to the dormitory, they found the crying. It was an old door and the crying was coming from this room. Simon said the lock is very old. There was a hole, we can see inside through this hole. He said, “I can only see something red, it is all red.” Lina did it again and saw the same thing. However, Lina fell to the ground. She was crying and said, “ the upper-classmates told me, the girl who killed herself was dead, her eyes were red.

Happy Halloween!

If i have one million dollars–Calven

If I have one million dollars, I will put them for a dessert restaurant. The name of my restaurant will be “The Zixuan”. I would like to make some dessert by mango, such as mango cake; mango cake sago; mango nectar; mango juice, and also durian is pretty good too.

The decoration of my restaurant should be very distinctive. It doesn’t need to be a big restarant, but it must to be a distinctive restaurant. My ideal of the decoration of the style is that  the  retro style of 1980s. I need a lot of things for the decoration of my restaurant by 1980s, sush as the old television; the old news paper; the old phone; the painting; the old glasses; the old chairs and deskes. Certainly, the main way to manage this restaurant is service. I will learn that and spend money to hire some professional people to train us about that.

I don’t know how much it should spend, but if I have money left, Iwill travel around the world to learn more culture.